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Circunstruction helps alumni to take the first step as creators by creating their own performance: from idea to concept to performance.

Circunstruction selects projects that want to cross boundaries, have substantive expressiveness and make the public think with current themes. After selection, the companies in the making will be given residency space and time for research. They are supported by an artistic supervisor. In the process, the participants develop their own artistic language and vision, as well as insight into production, audience recruitment and finance. The works will be tested for the public in Rotterdam neighborhoods and during the Circus Three Days in Maas Theater.

Earlier projects


Sensory Cyr II

Natalalie Miles


Tobi & Finn


Natasha Chauhan



Sinking Sideways:
Xenia Bannuscher and Dries Vanwalle

The Midheim

Company Trenina
Carina Klingsell: Chinese mast
Elena Damasio: Cyr Wheel
Saana Tolonen: Aerial Hoop

A Circle of Exchange

Erin Skye Circus
Erin Burley: Handstand, Straps, Contortion and ASMR (Relaxation Technique)


CM_30 “color itself is a degree of darkness”

Kolja Hunneck: object manipulation


Company Rita & Rita:
Annika Hemmerling, Julia Campistany Dance trapeze and mouth balancing.

Brace for impact

Knot on Hands: Britt Timmermans, Tijs Bastiaens, Mario Kunzi hand to hand



Júlia Campistany Albareda: static trapeze, street performance


David Eisele: Cyr-wheel, diabolo, cello / loop station.


Milan Seegers: object manipulation, handstand, contortion


Partner and floor acrobatics: Tom-André Hendon, Jakobe Geens, Charlie Hession



Captain sugar & the monkey puppets:
Eyrún Ævarsdóttir: Vertical rope, acrobatics
Friederike Kohring: Hand to hand, Chinese pole, Hair hanging
Jóakim Kvaran: Chinese pole, acrobatics
Michael Zandl: Hat Manipulation, Acrobatics
Wilko Schütz: Hand to hand, juggling, acrobatics

Dreams of the small gods

Zinnia Oberski: trapeze

Three men from the North

Nordic council: Merri Heikkilä: Object manipulation, (partner) acrobatics, vocals, mandolin and violin.
Bjarni Árnason: Diabolo and partner acrobatics.
Jakob Jacobsson: Vertical rope, partner acrobatics, piano and double bass.

Not sure where this came from

Familiar faces: Hendrik van Maele, Petra Steindl, Felix Zech, Josse de Broeck.

Alone I stand together

Joris de Jong: Object manipulation, puppetry.

Plus haut, encore plus haut

Paul van der Maat: Handstand, acrobatics and play

The Backdoor of a bakery

Company The Pregnant Elephant
Hanna de Vletter: Trapeze, vocals
Stina Otterström: Vertical rope and handstand, harp

Darwin Dogma

Paula Alvala (tissue, aerial ring, contortion)
Lisa Chudalla (aerial rope, chains, swalloing)

Hand in hand

Saar Rombout and Maartje Fijen:
triple cloudswing and dance


The sum of what we do

Cie Pile en face:
Marieke Thijssen: hand to hand (flyer);
Remi Lebocey: acrobatics, music, object manipulation;
Kim-Jomi Fischer: dancer, hand to hand (basic);
Tom André R. Henden: acrobatics, hand to hand (basic), music;
Vincent Kollar: handstand, acrobatics;
David Mupanda: hand to hand (basic), acrobatics.

Mee in de zee

Sophie Reekers (vocals, guitar and soundscapes), Linda Schumm: aerial

The Madman

Ralph Öllinger


Fabuloka: Jorga Lok and Edwin Schulte: (aerial) acrobatics, handstand, juggling, theatre, dance and live music.


System of a mechanical assembly

Maya Peckstadt: initiator, floor acrobatics, partner acrobatics, trapeze
Liv Knoche and Tobias Willasch: duo trapeze, partner acrobatics
Camille Toyer: Cyr wheel, acrobatics, partner acrobatics

Villa Verdraaid

Wietske Vogels: hula hoop, ring manipulation, air ring
Guido van Hout: juggling, object manipulation


Fabrizio Spiteri: static trapeze, acrobatics


Ilse de Jong: Chinese pole, acrobatics and dance


Project leader: Andreas Scharfenberg
Participants: Helen Budniatsky, wheelchair; David Eisele, Cyrwheel



Harm van der Laan: Jongleren en partneracrobatiek
 Maartje Bonarius: Tissu en partneracrobatiek


Gràcia Moragues Cantallops – Partner acrobatics and hat manipulation
Mateo Cañellas Sureda – Partner acrobatics and hat manipulation

No problem?

Lena Herrmann: Maker, partner acrobatics, banquine, aerial rope
Jirin Meilgaard: Partner acrobatics, banquine
Lisa Chudalla: Aerial Rope, Cyr Wheel


Kuitenbrouwer (Monki Business)



Soesja Pijlman, Fleur Fonteijn en Sophie van der Vuurst de Vries.


Circographie David Severins met Ulrike Storch (antipodism), Hanna de Vletter (trapeze), Dixie Wanner(diabolo), Felix Griffin (acrobaat), Victoria Roosenrot( aerials, dance).


Hand to hand: Marianna Boldini, Ola Glimåker, Jasmijn Rubingh en Andrea Souren

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