As a producing festival, Circusstad Festival contributes to the development of young talent and new makers and thus the circus genre in the Netherlands. Together with our partners, we build strong chains for talent development and makership.

With assignments, co-productions and room for experiment, we offer young makers at different levels opportunities to take a new step in their development and to share their ideas with the public. In all trajectories, support is offered on an artistic and business level.

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Every year there are several Open Calls for which you can register. In addition, you can always submit your idea by sending an email, plan, photo, video or poem to

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Circunstruction helps alumni to take the first step as creators by creating their own performance: from idea to concept to performance.

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Every year Circusstad Festival engages in various co-productions with young Dutch companies. We look for projects that fit the Circusstad Festival signature.

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Dutch Circus Showcase

The Dutch Circus Showcase is a two-day event during Circusstad Festival where (inter)national programmers, producers and impresarios are invited to scout new professional talent.

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FBK New makers track

With the support of the Performing Arts Fund, we can guide New Makers in a two-year trajectory, aimed at the development of makership.

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