Susanna X Luna

Susanna X Luna

Two women explore their need for connection and understanding through the process of amalgamating their disciplines. Susanna brings her cyrwheel and Luna her violine. What brings us together as a duo are the unexplored connections between our art forms. We wish to find out how we can intertwine our disciplines and therefore exist on stage equally.

Whenever people from different environments meet, possibilities arise for new connections. Interactions that can inspire and enrich but also clash and confront us with something new and possibly scary. These could reflect sides of your own behavior you might have never realized were there.

Our wish is that the audience sees and experiences the struggles, the “A-ha!” moments, and waves of connection between us through the piece. Coming from two different art forms, we have different experiences and expectations about creative processes and this sometimes leads to misunderstandings and frustrations. Only by openly communicating and listening to our differing views can we work through these situations. During our show we want to create a space where the audience can also come to this vulnerable state of mind and inspire them to stay there as they leave the theater.

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