Fenja Barteldres

Fenja Barteldres

The fourth project with Fenja Barteldres starts in January and will be shown at Circusstad Festival 2023.

Cyrrealism is a solo that uses a broken Cyr wheel as a metaphor to highlight life’s imperfections, proposing new perspectives resulting in unique visions that approach beauty.

Life is not always what we want or imagine. It can be frustrating and discouraging. However, what may seem like an unfortunate situation can end up offering new and beautiful paths to the unknown. Cyrrealism speaks of these new paths, how they can be discovered and how unexpected doors can be opened and traversed.
In Cyrrealism, a whole world will grow out of a single metal wheel. The simplicity and perfection of a single round ring will be questioned and deformed into complex, imperfect chaos. One becomes many, round becomes buckled, clean becomes dirty and confined becomes free.

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