Rotterdam Circusstad Foundation

The Rotterdam Circusstad Foundation was founded in 2009 from the collaboration between Codarts Circus Arts, Theater Rotterdam, Luxor Theater and Circus Rotjeknor. We work together with passion to develop circus theater as a contemporary, innovative form of performing art and to involve the widest possible audience. To this end, we develop new play areas and creations, activities in the field of participation and talent for contemporary circus theater.

Abroad, people look with admiration at 'the Rotterdam approach' to the festival. The close collaboration between a circus artist training program at HBO level, a youth circus and two large theaters means that a strong infrastructure is being built for (the development of) circus theater, which is unique! Rotterdam Circusstad believes in this integrated approach and therefore develops activities aimed at participation, talent development, presentation and audience development.
The activities of Rotterdam Circusstad have a national and sometimes international appearance. Rotterdam Festivals has therefore characterized Circusstad Festival as a 'National Pearl'.

Rotterdam Circusstad ensures that circus theater can be visited and practiced by everyone: from community center to internationally renowned theater, from workshops for amateurs to training for professional artists. Circus is for everyone!

The Rotterdam Circusstad Foundation has ANBI status. This brings tax benefits for donors; donations are 125% tax deductible. For more information, go to



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