Harvey Cobb

Pink Boots and An Alcoholic Sock Puppet
Harvey Cobb

Pink Boots and An Alcoholic Sock Puppet’ will use the disciplines of juggling, comedy and theatre. I believe every show is a conversation between the audience and performer but perhaps the audience don’t know it, I want them to know it. I want to create a piece where the audience feels involved and realise they have a part to play. I want them to question what it is to be an audience, as I question what it is to be a performer.

I will investigate my relationship with my audience. What do we want from each other? What do we need from each other? Am I there for the audience or is it the other way round? What do they expect when they sit down to watch? I would like to play with these expectations and ask how I can use the expectations of the audience to surprise, confuse, satisfy and entertain them.

I personally have a love/hate relationship with my audience. I adore them, I couldn’t be doing this am

azing job without them, but sometimes they’re the worst. Sitting in the dark like cowards and judging me whilst I give them everything I possibly can, praying for their approval.

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