Tall Tales Company

A Clockwork Orange

Fifty years after Stanley Kubrick filmed Anthony Burgess’ novel A clockwork orange (1962), Tall Tales Company is inspired by this for a circus performance.

In the book, fifteen-year-old Alex has two passions: classical music and extreme violence. With three companions, he penetrates people to beat them and the interior. He is eventually caught and forcibly treated. Important for the creation of the book was the mistreatment of Burgess’ pregnant wife during the war by American soldiers in London.

Tall Tales Company wonders whether the increasingly far-reaching measures that the government is taking to increase citizens’ sense of security are not too much at the expense of our individual rights. That’s no excuse for violence, but the idea of ​​a world where you don’t have to play by the rules for a while is appealing. The group searches for the extremes of the human body and the forces that are released.

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