Chica Chica


Thu may 2nd

Chica Chica

Chica Chica is an exciting formation founded by bassist Judith Renkema. Driven by her desire to travel amid the pandemic, she wrote melodies that allowed her to create her own world and still get the feeling of being on the road. Psychedelic cumbia records, exotic film scores and disco grooves form the basis for this musical cocktail.

At a live show, boisterous wah-wah and surf guitars are checkmated by the always melodic bass lines and smooth rhythms as a backdrop. With this sound, this foursome arouses and satisfies the spectator's curiosity: At the beginning of the show, the audience is still carefully swaying their hips and at the end of the set it is a dancing crowd. After releasing a few successful singles, they were a welcome guest this summer at summer festivals such as Mañana Mañana, Into the Woods, RAUW Rotown and Vondelpark. Their long-awaited debut album will be released on October 20 and they will play an album release tour in the Cinetol (Amsterdam), Paard (The Hague) and the Paradox (Tilburg).


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Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam


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