The Weight of Water

Maritiem Museum

Fri may 3rd, sat may 4th, sun may 5th

The Weight of Water
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De voorstelling van The Weight of Water van 3 mei 15:30 is vanwege de weersomstandigheden verplaatst naar 4 mei 12:00.

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'The Weight of Water' is an exciting, poetic dance and circus performance on a unique performance surface: the water. An impressive, sleek white floating staircase floats in the harbor of the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. On it: six performers who enter into dialogue with the tilting object in an exciting acrobatic dance, accompanied live by musicians on a floating platform.


It soon becomes apparent how shaky the stairs are: if one of the passengers moves to the other side, the whole thing tips over and the rest have to react immediately to avoid slipping and falling into the water. So there is a lot at stake. The risk is continuously felt by the public.

With 'The Weight of Water', choreographer Pia Meuthen creates a metaphor for the shaky world politics. While politicians argue endlessly and allow themselves to be seduced by a power game that mainly has losers, we are balancing on the threshold of the future.


Price: €10.00 – € 18,00
12:00 - 13:00
15:30 - 16:30
13:00 - 14:00

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Maritiem Museum
Plein 1940, 3011 EA Rotterdam


To reserve wheelchair spaces, we kindly request that you contact us via the email address


Choreography: Pia Meuthen
Music: Davide Bellotta/iET
Acrobatics/dance: Tarek Rammo, Francesco Barba, Fynn Neb, Camiel Corneille, Lucy Steinfeld, Róisín Harten
Stairs: Rob van Dam
Costumes: Sanne Reichert
Assistance/training:Miquel de Jong

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