Circusstad Gala 2024

The Circusstad Gala is back! Circusstad Festival proudly presents the second edition of this special circus evening. At the intersection of tradition and modernity, we present the heroes of contemporary circus theater for one evening on Rotterdam's largest theater stage. This means that the Circusstad Gala occupies a unique position. Nowhere else will you see innovative award-winning acts and scenes from the most beautiful contemporary circus performances together in one program.

World stars and Dutch top artists show that today's circus is alive and well and of an exceptionally high level. Whether it is the ten acrobatic rock stars of the Australian Circa, the fragile beauty of the aging circus body, or the intimate solo about the gender transition of an aerial acrobat; the performances in the Circusstad Gala are touching, moving and astonishingly spectacular. And where the tension becomes too great, the contemporary clowns of Baccalá will put you back on the ground.
The Circusstad Gala is an unmissable circus party that continues outside the theater hall with fringe acts and music. 

Including: Circa, Compagnia Baccalá, Diana Salles, Jimmy Gonzalez, Knot on Hands, Lisa Rinne, Circumstances, Shu Takada en Paul Morocco & Olé.


As an extra, for those who want to eat and enjoy with us beforehand, we have put together a special circus meal that kicks off the evening perfectly.
There are a limited number of places available in the intimate setting of Café Dox at the new Luxor.


With the Australian Circa Contemporary Circus we have a major leading company that attracts full houses worldwide. As the absolute vanguard of contemporary Australian circus, they guarantee groundbreaking acrobatics and exciting choreographies. Bodies jump and are captured, while physical limits are pushed to the limit. Especially for the Circusstad Gala, the ten acrobats raise the bar even further in an impressive scene from the performance Humans 2.0.


The trapeze act of Lisa Rinne, who graduated from Fontys Circus in Tilburg, is also of an unprecedented high level. She is the first Dutch alumnus ever to be invited to the famous circus festival in Monte Carlo. Her use of the rope ladder as a prop is innovative, and her somersaults and pirouettes in full flight are breathtaking.


Whoever wins the prestigious Paris circus festival as an up-and-coming circus artist will soon be in demand all over the world. That happened to Spaniard Jimmy Gonzalez (gold in 2018) who can now be seen for the first time in the Netherlands and only at the Circusstad Gala with his beautiful act d’Argile in which he miraculously juggles with clay. Other special winners of Cirque de Demain will also perform, such as Tay Lane & Laura Stokes who gracefully and gracefully experience the ultimate freedom of movement with the art of hair hanging (silver 2020). Or take the stunning act of Diana Salles (bronze 2019), who with her 'aerial silk act' Genesis challenges gender identity in a confrontational manner.

On a completely different stage, TV show America’s Got Talent, it was Shu Takada from Japan who wowed the jury in 2022 with his yo-yo act, a discipline new to the circus in which he has been world champion for five years.


Innovation in the circus emphatically also comes from our own country. A scene from Glorious Bodies from Circumstances shows in a masterful way how trained, older circus artists between the ages of 54 and 67 can still use their bodies. And acrobat trio Knot on Hands shows how the new generation of circus makers are developing their own, intriguing movement language.


Humor also plays an important role this time. Acclaimed in more than fifty countries, but never in a theater in the Netherlands. These are the contemporary clowns of Compagnia Baccalá. The refined humor of this duo from Switzerland is inspired by the silent film era. Of a completely different nature, but just as hilarious is the humor of the crazy guitarists Paul Morocco & Olé. In these 'Gypsy Kings of comedy' the guitars even fly through the air.

The starting times for the Circusstad Gala on May 3 are as follows:

  • 7:30 PM Doors open
  • 8:30 PM Start of gala performance
  • 09:30 PM Break
  • 22:00 Resume gala performance
  • 11:00 PM Afterparty


Nieuwe Luxor Theater Rotterdam

The starting times for the circus meal on May 3 are as follows:

  • 6:00 PM Doors open
  • 06:30 PM Start dinner


Café Dox

The dresscode is: Come as you are and sparkle it up!

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