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Anbi & Board


Circusstad Festival is organized by the Rotterdam Circusstad Foundation.
Het bestuur van de stichting onderschrijft de Code Governance Cultuur, de Code Diversiteit en Inclusie en de Code Fair Practice.

The Rotterdam Circusstad Foundation has ANBI status.


The Foundation's aim is to create a strong cultural climate for the production and presentation of Circustheater in Rotterdam through close collaboration with parties from the world of theater, companies, training and youth and welfare and everything else in the broadest sense. sentence is related to this, belongs to it and/or can be conducive to it.

The Foundation tries to achieve its goals by, among other things:
  • Bringing together an attractive range of circus theater in Rotterdam;
  • Ensuring audience development and marketing for this offer; and
  • The organization of festivals, presentations and all other options that can contribute to the Foundation's goals.


Mission: Rotterdam Circus City lets you experience the magic of the new circus.
As the annual festival for innovative circus theater in the Netherlands, we contribute to the development of a strong sector for the production and presentation of circus theater. Based on the belief that circus theater can make a qualitative contribution to the diversity and audience reach of the performing arts, we want to:

  • The circus theater genre to flourish as an innovative exponent of the performing arts;
  • Young talent and new makers help develop professionally;
  • De diversiteit en omvang of expanding the audience for the arts;
  • The social power using circus for participation and empowerment;
  • Rotterdam as a vibrant international cultural city profile in the city and abroad.
Strategy and activities

In Rotterdam we work together to make Rotterdam the Circus City of the Netherlands.
Circus City Festival is the culmination of activities and a flywheel for the development of projects with which we stimulate visiting, practicing and creating circus theater. The policy (2021-2024) is focused on three pillars:

  1. Beleven: the development of Circusstad Festival as a platform for presentation and audience development. Unique to Circusstad Festival is the formula in which free and paid performances, international top and new talent, and experiencing and doing it yourself form a vibrant mix with which we appeal to young and old. The performances take place on the streets, in theaters and an increasing number of locations throughout the city.
  2. Develop: as a platform for talent and creatorship, we support young languages and new creators in their development and the creation of new performances. In this way we contribute to the substantive development of the genre.
  3. Social: As a platform for social practice, we use the intrinsic power of circus to achieve social goals such as empowerment, self-development and social cohesion.

Every year, Circusstad Festival reaches 30,000 to 35,000 visitors with its activities.
As an accessible art form, circus is attractive to a wide variety of audience groups. The festival involves seasoned enthusiasts as well as families and new audiences, especially among audience groups that normally participate less in cultural activities.


Circusstad Festival is organized by the autonomous Rotterdam Circusstad Foundation. The foundation's board consists of an executive board and a general board. The foundation's executive board consists of an independent chairman, secretary and treasurer. The founding partners of the foundation are represented on the general board. The responsibilities of both are laid down in the management regulations and the articles of association. In order to keep decision-making balanced and transparent, also with a view to preventing conflicts of interest, the articles of association stipulate that decisions of the General Board are taken by an absolute majority of votes, with this absolute majority comprising at least two of the three votes. of the Executive Board.

Current board

Jeffrey van Meerkerk           – chairman

Marlin Huygens                    – secretary

Maria Berkenveld                 – treasurer

Samuel Würsten                   – general board member

Marc van Kaam                    – algemeen bestuurslid

Caroline Harder                    – general board member

Matthijs van Muijen             – general board member

Herman van Karnebeek      – algemeen bestuurslid


The board of the foundation works unpaid.
Fair Pay is the standard for the remuneration of employees and management and the Collective Labor Agreement for Theater and Dance is used. The collective labor agreement rates are corrected to self-employed rates using the Digipacct calculation tool. Fair pay is also expected from partners, suppliers and companies that carry out work in the context of Circusstad Festival.


Everyone should feel safe while working for Rotterdam Circusstad. Consciously or unconsciously, transgressive behavior can occur in the way people interact with each other. To prevent this undesirable behavior, a number of agreements have been made, which are laid down in the Code of Conduct for Social Safety and Integrity.

When an undesirable situation arises that cannot be resolved or discussed in the workplace, people can contact the confidential counselors of Rotterdam Circusstad. This does not need to be told to the manager or colleagues. The confidential counselor listens, gives advice and supports possible next steps. The confidential counselor treats all conversations confidentially. In the first instance, people are requested to contact the internal contact persons. If you prefer to speak to someone who is not at all connected to Rotterdam Circusstad, there is Mores Online, the reporting center for undesirable behavior for the cultural sector.

Confidential advisors
                1. Internal (Management):              Dirk Evers,
                2. Internal (Board):              Marlin Huygens,
                3. External (Mores Online): or 088-111 9950


The Rotterdam Circusstad Foundation has ANBI status. This brings tax benefits for donors; donations are 125% tax deductible. For more information, go to

Doneren kan via de volgende gegevens:
Rotterdam Circusstad Foundation
IBAN: NL45 INGB 0007 7523 23


Rotterdam Circusstad Foundation

Eendrachtsweg 42
3012 LD Rotterdam

Tel. 010-240 9144
Email. Info @ circusstad . nl


Rotterdam Circusstad Foundation
IBAN: NL45 INGB 0007 7523 23
BTW: NL8212.31.911.B.01
RSIN: 81231911
KvK: 24471378

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