Annual co-productions with short street performances

During the Stadsparade we introduce the public all over the city to professional circus performances. Every year we co-produce a small street performance with new makers. After an Open Call, we enter into a partnership with one or two companies that will create a 15-minute performance in three or four weeks, which will then be performed 20 times in schoolyards throughout Rotterdam. The assignment is to create an accessible performance that can be performed independently with few facilities. After Circusstad Festival, the performances will be played at open-air festivals and events across Europe.

2022: Tete beche/ 3+1
2022: YaKi / Yes you, No me!
2021: Balancealots / Link the click
2021: RangPangCircus / MikMak
2020: Banana Circus / Smoothie Time (geannuleerd door corona)
2019: Milan Seegers / Koekoek
2019: Duo NoNonsense / Oh No!
2018: Tea Time Company / Stick Stock
2017: Trio Satchok / Sysiphus

More Co-productions