Lily Schlinker & Janick Kremer


With Kaleiding you dive into a new decelerated dimension where two/four bodies collide and explore how the focus can be drawn downwards in a partner acrobatic performance.

The idea of this show is to give the audience a new perspective on the classical circus discipline hand to hand. With having the mirrors under us and using light we will highlight the parts of the body and the motion of the base which is not often looked at. With having the possibility as an audience member to decide if you look into the mirror or on the performers directly, it becomes a study of the human body.

We wish to communicate about the importance of perspective. In any challenging situation in life it can be an opportunity to look onto the subject matter from the opposite direction which can bring new ideas, new perspectives, and a better understanding for the other side. We want the audience to come out of the theater with a broader understanding of what a partner acrobatic performance can look like. The symmetry we play with can lead the audience into an almost meditative feeling. With Kaleiding we want the audience to have a break from the fast paced digital world and want them to leave with a decelerated feeling of ease.

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