Festival Projects

During Circusstad Festival we enter into two or more co-productions for performances that are perfect for appealing to a wide audience in our urban festival context. Sometimes this is done by invitation, sometimes at the initiative of the companies. The projects will be shown several times a day for five days during the festival. We usually have room for two projects:

Opticum show: With its special shape, the optic tent is an eye-catcher on the festival site. Young companies take the audience into their specific circus universe.

Route performance: We challenge makers to take the audience along in a circus performance at special locations in the city and thus turn the city into a stage for the circus.

2020 Opticum: Rita&Rita / Entangle
2020 Route: Knot on Hands / The fourth half
2019 Opticum: Julia Campistany / It Happens
2018 Opticum: Tall Tales Company / One of these Days
2017 Opticum: Universal Games Ultd./ PopPOPpoP’

More Co-productions